Who We Are & What We Do

Babyjane Productions is an independent production company based in Galway City, in the West of Ireland, with a focus on scripted film and television drama. We provide story ideas, story development, pre-production and production services.

Our purpose is to push the boundaries of the imagination through gritty, dynamic and thought-provoking content. To give a platform to various voices throughout the world. To help create visual content that will not only stimulate but also encourage people to take risks that empower them.

We can provide co-producers with the full range of production services, managing all stages of the production process including scouting, scheduling, budgeting, casting, crewing and post-production.

We can also access the Section 481 Irish tax incentive for film and television production. The rate of tax credit is worth up to 32% of your local spend. The payable tax credit is based on the cost of ALL cast & crew working in Ireland, regardless of nationality, as well as goods, services & facilities purchased in Ireland. In addition, there is a 5% uplift for shooting in the regions until 2020 (i.e. filming in locations outside of Dublin and Cork), bringing the value of the tax credit up to 37%.

Our Mission

  • To produce and distribute original feature films and TV content that stimulates, invigorates and inspires

  • To be commercially driven and provide benefits to our audiences, our investors and our supporters

  • To achieve gender balance on all of our productions

  • To promote Irish film at home and abroad

  • To collaborate with creative and dynamic industry individuals all over the globe

  • To generate jobs in the Irish film industry with continuous projects

  • To develop and produce projects in the Irish language