The Martini Shot (currently in Post-Production)

This existential drama follows an ailing movie director as he begins to shoot what he believes to be his final work of art. What starts out as a normal movie, ends up being an exploration of mortality and one's profound effect on the world. Written and directed by Stephen Wallis. Starring Matthew Modine, John Cleese, Derek Jacobi, Fiona Glascott, Stuart Townsend and Jason London.


Taking Stock  (2018)

After an Irish family find themselves the victims of a cattle raid, with a year's salary being whisked away overnight, David, the father, arms himself and defends his farm but with unexpected consequences.

Written and directed by Siobhán McMahon, starring Michael O'Kelly, Rachel Lynch and Kelly Gough.


Captain Morten and the Spider Queen  (2018)

A young boy is magically shrunk down to the size of an insect and must learn to sail his toy boat across familiar but now dangerous surroundings. The all-Irish cast includes Brendan Gleeson, Pauline McLynn, Ciarán Hinds and Michael McElhatton, stand–up comedians Mario Rosenstock, Jason Byrne, Tommy Tiernan and Neil Delamere as well as young up and coming Irish talent Cian O’Dowd and Susie Power who play the roles of Morten and Eliza.


Aftermath  (2017)

Aftermath is an intense fantasy/thriller about two detectives who have captured a man covered in blood hovering over a body with no identify features. Written by C.F. Fleming. Directed by Nigel O'Brien. Starring Paddy Farrelly, Brian O'Regan and Stephen Tubridy.


The Grand Canal  (2016)

A live action short film about an old homeless man who talks of love and life to a man with nothing to say.
Written and directed by Richard Keane. Starring Tommy O'Neill.

The Last Man  (2015)

Somewhere in the distant future a soldier is making his journey home. His greatest battle will test him to his very soul.

Written by Martin Cassidy and Nigel O'Brien. Directed by Nigel O'Brien. Starring Joe Byrne. 


Two By Two – Ooops the Ark is Gone!  (2015)

A 3D computer-animated adventure comedy film about what happened to the creatures that missed Noah's Ark.

Directed by Toby Genkel and Sean McCormack.


The Clockmaker's Dream  (2015)

A Clockmaker is entrusted to care for a world that runs like clockwork. When his heart gets broken, he rages against time itself, only to discover that unless he finds a cure for a broken heart everything will end. Written and directed by Cashall Horgan. Starring Jared Harris, Joe Mullins and Jennifer Meade.

Sojourn  (2014)

An episodic series of short non-narrative films with the titles Dread, Grief, Isolation, Loneliness, Yearning and Hope. This visual and poetic story is inspired by WB Yeats' character Aedh, a lonely lost soul who yearns for love, peace and enlightenment. Written and directed by Paddy Slattery. Starring Stephen Doring, Tristan Heanue and Libby Kyle.


Skunky Dog  (2014)

In a rural fishing town, a young alcoholic boy is confronted by the truth that he might never break his routine or leave the town.
Written and directed by James Fitzgerald. Starring Ryan McParland, Lacy Moore and Peter Ballance.

Fishbowl City  (2014)

A feature comic drama about two brothers, set in Belfast’s notorious Falls Road. Abandoned by their father and watching their mother's slow decline into alcoholism, the brothers decide to take their future into their own hands.
Written by, directed by and starring Martin McCann.

Tipping Point  (2014)

Tipping Point is an emotional and inspiring short film about a young man who is trying to come to terms with a family bereavement, financial difficulties and a life of drink and drugs. The day comes when he decides that there is only one way left to ease his pain.
Written by Mary Callaghan. Directed by Aaron Goodliffe. Starring Lochlainn McKenna.

Monday Night on Friday Hill  (2013)

A young man faces the consequences of his actions.

Written and directed by Robert McCarthy. Starring Judy Donovan, Rowan Finken and Charlie Ruxton.


Twiharder  (2013)

Twiharder follows the love story of the 100+ year old vampire Bedford Mullen falling for a high school human girl, Stella Pond. A Twilight parody. Written by Christopher Sean Friel and John Gearries. Directed by Giorgio Caridi. Starring John Gearries, Christopher Sean and Tanya Laine


The One Dollar Movie  (2012)

When the economy is a mess, there is only one thing left to believe in... People! $1 donations are tokens of peoples hopes and dreams, and it's the only funding director Giorgio Caridi believes he needs to produce his first movie. Documentary and fiction alternate to create a very unique piece of cinematic magic. The challenge of a small crew who tries to make the first movie in the history to be produced by people hopes.


Tiny Steps  (2012)

Tiny Steps looks at coping with grief and the need to let go. The film follows a couple who are dealing with the aftermath of losing their baby but for Helen this has hit her hardest. Stuck in a dark place, she battles with the physiological effects this lost has had on her. Written by Kevin Pacey. Directed by Makalla McPherson. Starring Howard Corlett and Julie McDonnell.